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AlchemyAPI Android SDK

AlchemyAPI Android SDK

Semantic intelligence for mobile applications!

AlchemyAPI Android SDK exposes the full power of AlchemyAPI semantic analysis, enabling the construction of mobile applications powered by natural language processing.

This SDK is open source and designed for Android OS.

Download the Android SDK:

Download the latest SDK version: AlchemyAPI_Android-0.9.tar.gz

         This SDK requires Android OS 1.6 or higher

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Using the SDK:

The AlchemyAPI Android SDK enables real-time analysis of text, HTML, or Internet-hosted web page content. The SDK provides mechanisms to extract Concepts, Named Entities, Keywords & Tags, Categories, and even detect languages.
Example code and a demo application are included with the SDK to help get you started.

SDK Demo App:

The SDK is bundled with a demo application that illustrates how AlchemyAPI can be utilized to analyze content within your mobile application.

1. App Home Screen

From the application home screen you may enter any Internet web page URL for semantic analysis:

2. Concept Tagging

Pressing the 'Concepts' button will extract concept tags from the specified URL:

3. Named Entity Extraction

Pressing the 'Entities' button will extract named entities from the specified URL:

4. Keyword Extraction

Pressing the 'Keywords' button will extract keyword tags from the specified URL:

5. Text Extraction (HTML Chrome Stripping)

Pressing the 'Text' button will extract the primary article text from the specified URL:

The AlchemyAPI Android SDK powered by the AlchemyAPI text mining service.