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What is Natural Language Processing?

What is Natural Language Processing?

Businesses face a flood of data of all types: customer feedback, competitor information, client emails, tweets, press releases, legal filings, and product/engineering documents. Making sense of this data is critical for organizations which aim to be agile and competitive.

The problem? There's tons of this sort of information out there (more than 85% of the world's data is unstructured), and information volumes continue to grow. For many businesses, it's impossible to employ humans to read everything that's important (what customers are saying, what competitors are doing, etc.)

Natural Language Processing Lets Computers Do the Work

Employing complex linguistic, statistical, and neural network algorithms, AlchemyAPI is able to read and understand text, at massive rates of speed. So whether you have 1,000 documents or 10 billion, AlchemyAPI can quickly digest all of this information, extracting knowledge that is critical to your business:

  • Knowledge about your customers
  • Knowledge about your competitors
  • Knowledge about your company operations, marketing, sales, engineering, and product efforts

Natural Language Processing Reveals New Insights

Natural language processing is used across a wide variety of industries to solve critical knowledge problems, such as providing new insights gleaned from massive troves of unstructured content (CRM data, social media, news, patent filings, financial disclosures, etc.)

Through advanced algorithms, natural language processing exposes the who, what, when, and where contained within any unstructured content, thereby providing a new level of understanding across all levels of your business.

Learn more about the different natural language processing products we offer or find out how to get started with AlchemyAPI.