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Pricing for AlchemyAPI Services

AlchemyAPI is now available as part of Watson Developer Cloud on Bluemix. Visit the Bluemix site to view pricing options, or contact one of our sales representatives to learn more about your options.


Common Questions

What is a transaction? How does AlchemyAPI define those?

In Bluemix, a Transaction = API Event

The texts you analyze are size limited, but the vast majority of documents can be processed with a single transaction unit. URLs have a maximum size allowed of 600 kilobytes. A raw text document is limited in size to 50 kilobytes.

To put these size limits in perspective, Google reported the median size of an HTML page is 176 kilobytes, with 90% of pages from top sites coming in at under 597 kilobytes per page. For sizing raw text, a character takes up a byte. So a kilobyte is a thousand characters, or roughly 100 words. At about 2 kilobytes per typewritten page, the 50 kilobyte size limit on text would process the equivalent of 25 pages.

On the rare occasions you need to analyze bigger documents you can chunk them into smaller sizes before processing them with AlchemyLanguage. We intend to give you other options in the future.

How do the subscription plans work?

We offer two types of options "pay as you go" and "subscriptions". Details are available here.

If you have questions, you can also speak to our sales team.

Which performance package should I buy?

AlchemyAPI is the only NLP cloud service that can support the throughput demands of applications in high-volume media monitoring, financial trading and the real-time bidding systems for online display advertising. The performance plan you need depends on your peak throughput demands. Our high-speed cloud infrastructure supports parallel computing where multiple transactions can be executed concurrently across numerous cpu cores. In addition, our Combined Call feature in the Basic, Advanced, and Pro plans lets you increase your results throughput when executing multiple NLP calls against the same web page. Let’s look at throughput a little deeper.

AlchemyAPI does all the heavy lifting of acquiring clean text from web pages to make them ready for processing. The total time required to download a typical blog or news site URL, crawl, extract and clean its text, analyze it with a single API call, and return results usually range from 300-900 milliseconds (tweets and raw texts are processed faster).

In our Starter Plan, a single processor core can conservatively average a transaction per second, or 2 million transactions per month on a steady flow up URLs.

Many customers execute several NLP functions on a single URL. Rather than repeating the text acquisition cycles for each NLP function, which can eat up 25%-50% of the total processing time, our Combined Call lets you increase your throughput by performing these steps once per URL and then processing the text with all the calls you choose. For example, if you process every web page with five APIs - Taxonomy, Concepts, Entities, Keywords and Sentiment - the Combine Call would eliminate four of the usual text acquisition cycles. You’ll find the Combined Call turned on for Advanced and Pro plans.

Of course, it’s usually the peak load you design for, and the simple rule of thumb that one processor core has a throughput of 1 URL per second for a single NLP call should help you decide which performance level you need: The Starter Plan limits you to 1 processor core, so for more than 2 million transactions/mo upgrade to our Advanced plan. For more than 10 million transactions/mo go to the Pro plan.

NLP Customization

AlchemyAPI is unique among NLP providers in that nearly all of our customer’s billions of monthly transactions use the same API calls to correctly understand content across wildly disparate industries and knowledge domains. This is made possible by our deep-learning AI breakthroughs we have been using to continually train our algorithms since 2009 on truly massive web data. But some applications benefit when you can classify text into your company’s specific product categories, or when you can extract named entities completely unique to your domain. Contact us if you need customization.

Can I use AlchemyLanguage for free before I buy it?

Yes. You can download a free key to the AlchemyLanguage service here and get started right now. You will have the same access to all standard AlchemyLanguage functions as the paid plan, but your transaction volume is capped at 1000 transactions/day and you cannot execute functions in parallel. When you decide to increase your transactions, processing speed or customize the functions, you can contact our sales team and upgrade to a subscription plan that suits you.

How do I upgrade?

Pay as you go offers pay-for-what-you-use flexibility at a price premium to subscriptions. You can upgrade to a subscription at any time by contacting us.

I have a different question. Can you help?

You can get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.