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Taxonomy API

Looking for the taxonomy docs? They can be found here.

Taxonomy API

AlchemyAPI automatically categorizes your text, HTML or web-based content into a hierarchical taxonomy. Using complex statistics and natural language processing technology, the taxonomy API can classify your content into its most likely topic category up to five levels deep.

Deeper levels allow you to classify content into more accurate and lucrative subsegments. For instance, an application focused on identifying content discussing personal lending practices can narrow its classification into sub topics that target decisions with finer resolution.

/finance/personal finance/lending/credit cards
/finance/personal finance/lending/home financing
/finance/personal finance/lending/personal loans
/finance/personal finance/lending/student loans
/finance/personal finance/lending/vehicle financing

Use the taxonomy API to filter or group your content before performing further analysis or to track the high-level topics of your documents.

Here is a list of the possible taxonomy categories: (click to download list)

Want to test out our taxonomy API?

Text Categorization Example:

Credit cards offer many advantages. There is the convenience of being able to buy needed items now and the security of not having to carry cash. You also receive fraud protection and in some cases rewards for making purchases. With these advantages also come responsibilities. You need to manage credit cards wisely by understanding all of the card's terms and conditions; stay on top of payments; and realize the true cost of purchases made with credit. Using a credit card is like taking out a loan. If you don't pay your card balance in full each month, you'll pay interest on that loan.

Taxonomy Score Confident
/finance/personal finance/lending/credit cards 0.701281
/finance/personal finance/lending/student loans 0.3609 no
/finance/personal finance/lending/personal loans 0.257275 no


IAB-Compliant Taxonomy

The taxonomy API supports over 1000 categories up to five levels deep. This IAB-compliant classification structure understands deeper context for targeting more narrow and lucrative market niches.

Response Formats

Taxonomy data can be returned in either JSON, XML or RDF to fit the needs of your application.

Language Support

AlchemyAPI’s taxonomy supports categorization for content written in English, with additional language support coming soon.

Confidence Scores

A statistically derived confidence score is returned with the response data that conveys how likely the identified category is correct.