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Concept Tagging

Looking for the concept tagging docs? They can be found here.

Concept Tagging API

AlchemyAPI employs sophisticated text analysis techniques to concept tag documents in a manner similar to how humans would identify concepts. The concept tagging API is capable of making high-level abstractions by understanding how concepts relate, and can identify concepts that aren't necessarily directly referenced in the text.

For example, if an article mentions CERN and the Higgs boson, it will tag Large Hadron Collider as a concept even if the term is not mentioned explicitly in the page. By using concept tagging you can perform higher level analysis of your content than just basic keyword identification.

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Concept Tagging Example:

The more things change... Yes, I'm inclined to agree, especially with regards to the historical relationship between stock prices and bond yields. The two have generally traded together, rising during periods of economic growth and falling during periods of contraction. Consider the period from 1998 through 2010, during which the U.S. economy experienced two expansions as well as two recessions: Then central banks came to the rescue. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke led from Washington with the help of the bank's current $3.6T balance sheet. He's accompanied by Mario Draghi at the European Central Bank and an equally forthright Shinzo Abe in Japan. Their coordinated monetary expansion has provided all the sugar needed for an equities moonshot, while they vowed to hold global borrowing costs at record lows.

excerpt from:

Concept Relevance Linked Data
Monetary policy 0.972084 DBpedia
Inflation 0.720149 DBpedia
Central bank 0.70608 DBpedia | OpenCyc
Federal Reserve System 0.694171 Website | DBpedia | Yago | OpenCyc
Money supply 0.648812 DBpedia


Ranked Relevance

A relevance score is calculated for each concept based on statistical analysis, and the results are returned sorted by relevancy. Use the relevance score to determine the keyword's relative importance.

Linked Data

The associated linked data is returned for each concept to make it easy to pull in additional semantic information to further enhance your content. Learn more about AlchemyAPI's linked data support.

Language Support

AlchemyAPI supports concept tagging for content written in English, with additional language support coming soon.

Response Formats

Concept tagging data can be returned in either JSON, XML or RDF to fit the needs of your application.