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Automatic tagging for WordPress blogs

Transform Your Blogging!

AlchemyTagger automatically works in the background as you're blogging, analyzing your writing and suggesting useful tags for your posts. Tags make your posts easier to navigate, better-ranked by search engines, and more.

  • Download AlchemyTagger: AlchemyTagger-1.1.4
  • AlchemyTagger has been tested against WordPress version 2.5.1 -> 3.5.1
  • Questions, comments, or feature requests? Contact us!

How It Works:

1. Blog Your Heart Out

2. AlchemyTagger Suggests Tags Automatically

3. Choose The Tags You Want

4. Add Your Own Custom Tags

5. Customize Your Tagging

AlchemyTagger works in conjunction with your WordPress-powered blog. It is powered by the AlchemyAPI text mining service.