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AlchemySEO: Semantic Search Optimization

AlchemySEO? What's that?

AlchemySEO is a Semantic-powered Search Engine Optimization tool that improves indexing of your content by search engines such as Yahoo (SearchMonkey) and Google (Googlebot). Improved indexing can result in more relevant traffic and higher search engine rankings.

What Does It Do?

AlchemySEO detects when a search engine is accessing your website, returning a semantically-marked up version of your content. Specifically, AlchemySEO annotates your web page content with:

REL TAG Microformats Learn more about REL-TAG Microformats
HTML META "keywords"Learn more about META tags

In future releases, AlchemySEO will support generation of additional Microformats and structured data standards.

OK, What Next?

AlchemySEO utilizes the AlchemyAPI text mining and natural language processing engine to analyze your web page content, identifying key terms & concepts, people, companies, locations, and other objects. By exposing this semantic meta-data to search engines such as Google and Yahoo, AlchemySEO improves your search engine rankings and increases flows of relevant traffic.

AlchemySEO works in conjunction with your PHP-powered website or blog.

Does This Slow Down My Website?

No! AlchemySEO activates *only* when requests are received from a known search engine (Google, Yahoo, ..). Semantic annotation only occurs when search engines are indexing your content. For all other requests (web browsers, mobile browsers, etc), your content is returned without annotation. This approach enables your website to benefit from semantic metadata without impacting page load times or slowing down general user interaction!

Download AlchemySEO:

Download the latest version of AlchemySEO here:AlchemySEO-1.2.tar.gz
   AlchemySEO requires PHP-5

  Questions, comments, or feature requests? Contact us!

How AlchemySEO Works:

1. Search Engines Access Your Website

2. AlchemySEO Analyzes Your Website Content

3. Your Content is Annotated with REL-TAG Microformats

4. Your Content is Annotated with META "Keyword" Tags

5. AlchemySEO Semantic-powered Annotations Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

AlchemySEO works in conjunction with your PHP-powered website or blog. It is powered by the AlchemyAPI text mining service.