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With AlchemyAPI, you can integrate advanced text mining and computer vision functionality into your application, service or data-processing pipeline. Are you a developer looking for information on integrating AlchemyAPI into your project? The sections below cover the main areas where you can find information to get started.

Register for AlchemyAPI Key

Register For an API Key

To use AlchemyAPI, you need an access key. If you do not already have an API key, you must first register an API key. This verification process takes just a few moments.

Read the Getting Started Guide

Read the Getting Started Guide

Ready to get started with AlchemyAPI, but don't know where to begin? Check out our Getting Started Guide to give you a walkthrough of the first steps you need to take to get up and running.

AlchemyAPI Documentation

Check Out the Documentation

Detailed documentation is provided that describes all of AlchemyAPI's capabilities, including image link extraction, image tagging, taxonomy categorization, named entity extraction, concept tagging, text categorization, relation extraction, language detection, keyword extraction, sentiment analysis and text extraction.

AlchemyAPI SDKs

Download SDKs

AlchemyAPI provides SDKs in 9 major programming languages, simplifying the integration of text-mining and computer vison into your application. Or if you prefer, access the API directly in the programming language of your choice via our Internet-accessible REST interface.

AlchemyAPI Tools

Download Tools

AlchemyAPI provides WordPress, Drupal and Linux/Unix tools. Also, leverage a growing list of 3rd party tools and applications built by members of the AlchemyAPI developer community.

AlchemyAPI FAQ


Do you have questions? Well we have answers! Check out the FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions.