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AlchemyAPI Debuts AlchemyVisionTM – First-to-Market Computer Vision API For Complex Scenes Turns Images Into Valuable Business Assets

AlchemyAPI Debuts AlchemyVision™ – First-to-Market Computer Vision API For Complex Scenes Turns Images Into Valuable Business Assets

Computer Vision Breakthroughs Go Beyond Recognizing Objects to Understanding Complex Scenes – API Automatically Tags and Classifies Images So They Become Actionable Big Data

AlchemyAPI, Inc., a pioneer in artificial intelligence-based (AI) text analysis cloud services, today debuts its new product family, AlchemyVision. The company has created the first computer vision API on the market to understand complex visual scenes. AlchemyVision has the capacity at launch to analyze and tag images, allowing organizations from a variety of industries—ranging from publishing to advertising, from eCommerce to enterprise search—to effectively make images part of the valuable big data being utilized to make crucial business decisions.

Much of today’s unstructured data is composed of images. The volume of photos shared every day is expected to double to over 1 billion in the next 12 months thanks to social media outlets such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. AlchemyVision was created to deeply understand photos without needing textual clues. The system can recognize multiple objects and concepts within complex visual scenes, just like humans do, allowing computers to automate the task of tagging and classifying images into useful categories.

“Many visual analysis applications today rely on tedious and expensive tagging of images by hand,” said Elliot Turner, founder and CEO of AlchemyAPI, Inc. “This new ability to understand visual scenes in their broader context opens the era where applications automatically extract knowledge from the billions of images we can access with our devices. AlchemyVision represents the first API capable of truly acting upon all of this information.”

AlchemyVision is a computer vision platform that supports a number of image analysis functions that are available as easy-to-integrate web services. The first function available today is the Image Tagging API that helps eliminate the need for manually tagging of image libraries. The system operates at significant scale to enable the processing of millions of photos every hour common in high volume monitoring of social media and news.

"As shoppers become increasingly comfortable making their purchases online, major brands are driving a large amount of sales through eCommerce offerings, " said Aviel Ginzburg, CPO and Co-Founder of Simply Measured. "It's important that we provide brands a way to track which campaigns resonate and drive action online. The ability to track and measure everything in a campaign, including the images used, gives brands a competitive advantage when targeting customers and driving sales. With AlchemyVision, we have been able to accurately tag and classify a good portion of images at very high rates with minimal human effort."

AlchemyVision’s algorithms are trained in a completely unsupervised manner; therefore they are continually expanding their ability to identify tens of thousands of unique, high-level visual concepts, including complex composite ideas such as “man wearing a hat and sunglasses, holding a fish on a lake.” Applications arise in understanding social media and news, improving advertising performance, visual eCommerce, and the search and retrieval of digitized media content.

Key Features:

  • A unified computer vision platform that expands its understanding of visual scenes and object categories without human training. This platform delivers a holistic approach to computer vision that supports many vision analysis services, starting today with image extraction and tagging APIs, and to be followed by APIs for image search, text extraction, and recognizing faces and logos.
  • Image Tagging API: When provided an image file or URL, AlchemyVision returns between 0 and 20 keywords, summarizing scenes, objects, and stylistic features. The API is capable of identifying 3D objects such as chairs, dogs, buildings, and recognizing scenes such as streets, stores, beaches, landscapes, mountains, and detecting people, faces, etc.
  • Image Extraction API: Given any URL, the system performs a scan of the page, finds the most prominent image and retrieves the image file directly.

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Availability and Sales

The AlchemyVision product family is available now. For more information please email; or call 1.877.253.0308 (US) or +1 303.242.5815 (international).

About AlchemyAPI, Inc.

AlchemyAPI’s mission is to power a new generation of smart applications that understand human language and vision by democratizing breakthroughs in deep learning-based artificial intelligence. Our easy-to-use, high-performance cloud services for real time text analysis and computer vision give companies the intelligence needed to transform vast amounts of unstructured data into actions that drive their business. AlchemyLanguageTM is the world's most popular natural language processing service; AlchemyVisionTM is the world’s first computer vision service for understanding complex scenes. AlchemyAPI is used by more than 40,000 developers across 36 countries and a wide variety of industries to process over 3 billion texts and images every month. For more information, visit our website at

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