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$2m In New Financing, Hiring Several C++ Engineers

We recently announced that we closed Series A financing (total of $2m in new equity and debt financing). What this means is that we will be ramping up our hiring in earnest, starting with several amazing C++ Software Engineers.

We are looking for experienced C++ engineers and Java developers who want to solve real-world problems and create products and services that are used across a wide variety of mission critical applications and services.

Thank you to several publications that helped spread the news about our venture round:

DenverPost - Denver-based AlchemyAPI raises $2 million in new financing, has 12 job openings

TechCrunch - AlchemyAPI Raises $2 Million For Neural Net Analysis Tech, On Par With IBM Watson, Google

VentureBeat - Funding Daily: Decisions, decisions

Fortune - Venture capital deals - Alchemy API Raises $2M

TechRockies - AlchemyAPI Lands $2M In Financing Round

Built In Denver- AlchemyAPI raises $2m Series A

PandoDaily - AlchemyAPI raises $2M for text mining platform


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