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About Us

We Make Sense of the World's Unstructured Data

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

We believe we are entering a new age where computers develop a deep understanding of human language and vision. These breakthroughs will lead to an explosion of applications that harness the unstructured data that fills our world in order to improve our lives and businesses. At AlchemyAPI, now part of Watson Developer Cloud, we are convinced that the recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) must be made widely available, affordable and easy-to-use. That is why we are building the largest cloud platform and community where developers can quickly build applications that achieve new insights and capabilities by applying advanced text analysis, computer vision and data storage services to huge volumes of unstructured data.

We are passionate about making it easy to understand and act on the oceans of web pages, documents, tweets, chats, emails, photos and videos produced every second. To do this, AlchemyAPI combines years of expertise in machine learning with engineering a robust and massively scalable processing infrastructure to give you simple and inexpensive access to the most advanced text and image analytics available. Our high-performance REST APIs let anyone with a little programming skill create applications that route corporate communications based on their content, trend niche topics across millions of news sites and blogs, extract customer needs from social media posts or make real-time recommendations matching your user’s intent.

Why AlchemyAPI?

We pour the same passion we have for deep learning AI into our relationships with customers. We aren’t an award-winning software vendor because of our academic prowess. We were named a “Cool Vendor in Smart Machines 2014” by Gartner and “Software Product of the Year” by the DaVinci Institute because we make it easy to analyze text, images and video with a cloud platform that gives you the tools needed to act on your data and advance your business.

Together, we can build powerful applications.

But don’t take our word for it. Learn how our advanced text and image analysis features crawl and clean web pages for you, and then accurately tag documents with their taxonomy categories, high-level concepts, or emotional sentiment. See how easy it is to extract important details buried in a document like its named entities, or rank its keywords by relevance. Similarly, imagine the power of being able to finally understand photos of complex scenes in their entirety, with features for accurate image tagging and search, face recognition and text extraction.

Put us to the test.

Test AlchemyAPI with the AlchemyLanguage and AlchemyVision demos or run a proof-of-concept experiment with a free API Key. Then, contact us and let’s talk about what we can do together to make sense of all your unstructured data.